Conservation of the American Pyramids


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We are a non-profit organized by macehualli, commoners, who seek to cultivate the Mesoamerican worldview. Our immediate goal is to preserve and restore Teotihuacan, the archaeological site that is at the heart of the great legacy of art, science, philosophy and knowledge. Teotihuacan is in the valley of Mexico and is truly the pride of the Americas. It has been declared a “World Heritage Site for the conservation and enjoyment of all people of the World” by UNESCO.

MISSION: CAP is dedicated to honoring, reawakening and restoring America’s sacred archeological sites which are at the heart of a great legacy of art, science, philosophy and knowledge in Mesoamerica.

VISION: CAP promotes the study of the Mesoamerican Art and Culture in the Community.  Provides assistance to present-day excavations and preservation of existing Monuments, Murals and Museums.


Educational trips to Mexico City and Teotihuacan

Mesoamerican history courses

Fundraising Campaigns and Events

We are a non-profit organization with headquarters in Santa Barbara,CA. under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

.FOUNDERS: Anita Campion, Toby Campion, Iris Campion, Manolo Campion, Teresa Hidalgo,  Elena Dominguez, Dorothy Herrera Settlage, Cueponcaxochitl Diana Moreno.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Anita Campion, Chair; Leon Loredo, Vice Chair; Yoshi Shaka, Treasurer. Cruzito Herrera Cruz Asst Treasurer; Iris Campion Webmaster; Barbara Watts, Secretary.

COMMITTEES:  Savannah Maya- Education; Leon Loredo: Media


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