Conservation of the American Pyramids


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We are a non-profit organized by macehualli, commoners, who seek to cultivate the Mesoamerican worldview.

MISSION: CAP is dedicated to honoring, reawakening and restoring America’s sacred archeological sites which are at the heart of a great legacy of art, science, philosophy and knowledge in Mesoamerica.

VISION: CAP promotes the study of the Mesoamerican Art and Culture in the Community.  Provides assistance to present-day excavations and preservation of existing Monuments, Murals and Museums.


Educational trips to Mesoamerica

Mesoamerican art and culture courses

Fundraising Campaigns and Events

We are a non-profit organization with headquarters in Santa Barbara,CA. under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

FOUNDERS: Anita Campion, Toby Campion, Iris Campion, Manolo Campion, Teresa Hidalgo,  Elena Dominguez, Dorothy Herrera Settlage, Cueponcaxochitl Diana Moreno.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Anita Campion, Chair; Leon Loredo, Vice Chair; Yoshi Shaka, Treasurer. Cruzito Herrera Cruz Asst Treasurer; Iris Campion Webmaster; Barbara Watts, Secretary.

COMMITTEES:  Savannah Maya- Education; Leon Loredo: Media


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(Conservation of the American Pyramids)